Halloween Granny

"Thank you for that, er, rabbit stew, Granny," Lizzy muttered, trying her best to smile. Granny smirked. "Not bad for a centenarian, is it now?" she remarked with glee. "Anyway Elizabeth, Grandpa
and I have got something important to discuss with you." Granny and Grandpa secretly linked arms under the table. "We want you to quit your job at Marty’s Meringues because it’s so far away and we barely ever get to see you any more.” “No Granny!” Lizzy disagreed sternly. “Now that I’m good at my job, I won't give up till I complete my mission and…” Granny interrupted suspiciously, “What mission?” Lizzy’s face went pale. “I mean commission, you know. I get extra commission for every meringue I sell and um...” Dinggg! Lizzy’s phone lit up. She peeped to see who it was and rushed out of the house. “Hello, Agent Elizabeth speaking...”she said softly, and moved to Bluetooth as soon as she got in the car.

Back home, she was greeted by her gorgeous twins, Millie and Lily, just back from school and already in their fairy costumes. “Mum, we want lots of Halloween lollies and there won't be any left if you don't hurry”. Like all good Mums, Lizzy gave in to their special request. “Ok girls, let’s go.” The twins grinned mischievously and literally flew to the car. Vruuuuuum! As the car sped down the road, they debated what their great grandparents, Granny and Grandpa, would be dressed up as. They could never have guessed.

“Hello my little darlings,” said Granny, as the door creaked open. The girls went white as Granny and Grandpa were dressed as the dreaded Baron Boris and Baroness Desdemona. Millie recovered first, and said, “You look so like those really bad jewel thieves I saw in the news! The police are looking for them everywhere, did you know?” As she spoke that last syllable, her body froze into a statue.

Lily screamed and ran for her life, as a breath of fire came from the Baroness just metres behind. Lizzy’s face burned with anger as she realised her own Grandma was Baroness Desdemona, the terrible jewel thief. No wonder they wanted her to quit her real job as a secret agent, and the reason they knew about it was because of Baron Boris’s mind reading powers. With a whoosh of her hand, Lizzy used her telekinetic powers to send the Baron and Baroness flying to the other side of the room. Before Boris and Desdemona had time to attack, Agent Elizabeth pressed the help signal on her watch and prayed that her kids would get their powers soon. They did – Millie unfroze, went invisible, and sat on top of the Baron and Baroness to hold them down, until security arrived. Lily came out of hiding and…whoosh, she went invisible too and rushed to help Millie.

Security took Baroness Desdemona and Baron Boris away while the twins made faces and played with their new powers. Lizzy smiled – mission accomplished!


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