Unlike most kids at my school I’m normal. I like everything ‘normal’ 8th graders like; cartoons, social media, fashion, EVERYTHING! Therefor I have no idea why people would bully me.

That’s a lie; it’s because I’m black.

My full name is Madeline but because of my skin colour people call me ‘Mud-eline’ which has just come to Mud. You may think skin colour isn’t a big deal for kids in the modern day but I go to a boarding school where I’m the only person of colour in the entire school and it IS a big deal.
As I walk through the halls to my first class I hear people whispering about me, hiding behind their hands passing secrets to their friends.
After an hour of sitting in Math class I make my way to lunch. After I collect my fruit,ham and mashed potato from the cafe and make my way to the back of the eating area. I almost make it safely when suddenly I see a boys leg stick out in front of me, not being able to stop myself I trip my face landing right in the mash potato. Standing back up I see the whole cafeteria laughing.

He laughs “look at the white on her face, she’s finally normal”

To save myself from any further embarrassment I scurry away, wiping potato of my face. On the way to my room way I see a poster for the school talent show; I brush it off knowing no one would be interested in watching me sing. When I get to my room I sit and start web-surfing, my safe space. I come across me and my mother’s favourite song, Halo by Beyoncé. Feeling idiotic of my previous thought that no one would like my voice I think back to how my mother would tell me I sung like an angel. Halo is the perfect song to sing for the talent show. I quickly start practising before anyone else comes back from lunch.
The day has finally come, it’s December fourteenth and I’m ready to perform. I’m the last on the list since my last name is Zabbai. It’s finally my turn, I walk up, seeing disgusted and confused faces staring back-I roll my eyes. I see the spotlight intensely staring me in the eyes, I close them and sing.

~Remember those walls I built
Well, baby, they're tumbling down
And they didn't even put up a fight
They didn't even make a sound~

~Everywhere I'm looking now
I'm surrounded by your embrace
Baby, I can see your halo
You know you're my saving grace~

As I finish singing I look around and see everyone smiling in amazement, including my mother looking down on me,
with her ‘halo’.


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