I Didnt Mean To Kill Her

I didn’t mean to kill her!!!
My best friend came over to my house. While there she helped herself to an apple. The apple she grabbed ended up being poisoned. I turned to get us a drink from the fridge and as I was speaking to her, she went silent. She was gone. “OMG my best friend is gone” I said. I kept saying to myself ‘this makes me a killer. I’m the one that has killed her. How is this even possible?’. I had to do something with her body, I couldn’t just tell everyone that she grabbed an apple that was full of poison and I had no idea about it. How on earth would people believe that?

I put her in the car and want to the lake. I made sure no one was following me or hanging around. I filled the bag up with rocks and made sure it wouldn’t float. I chucked her in the lake. I started crying, I kept asking myself ‘why is life so hard?

My family died in a car accident 3 years ago. I always think about them. They were all I had no one but my best friend by my side. I was filling up with tears I blasted out with watery eyes. I had a little sleep when I woke up their my best friend was just looking at me I didn’t know what to do I looked again but it was just my jacket and a hat her mother came over and asked if jess was here I couldn’t tell her what happened so I lied I said no sorry jess went too QLD she won’t be back for a week then jess’s mum looked at me really series she said ok .As she was walking out the door it seemed like she knew I was lying I was getting very stressed out because I didn’t know what to do. Lying to Jess’s mum that I grew up with that treated me like I was her own was not the same. I had to tell her the truth. That next morning, I rang her up and asked if she was doing anything she said no so I asked if I could come around and she said ok that is fine so I walked around to her house and I told her that I never told her the truth she said ok well what’s the truth I said jess she said what about jess I said jess came around to my house to get that 50$ I had owned her. She got an apple that was full of poison what I didn’t know about I was going to get a drink then she wouldn’t say anything so I came and seen what was wrong and she was gone jess’s mum was crying she rang the polices I told her I never done it but the police came anyways & locked me up. I didn’t mean to kill her.!!!