Wally The Worm

Once upon a time there was a worm named Wally. He lived under ground. He was a wriggly worm who lived alone. One day when Wally was digging and eating the dirt that he dug out of the hole. It was getting late and Wally felt very full and tired so he went to bed. He snored and snored he fell into a deep deep sleep. Then he woke up and yawned. He was really hungry so he had his breakfast for breakfast he had Bacon and eggs. After Breakfast someone had put a log over his hole. Some children were out playing and they needed the log because they were practicing hurdles for sports day at school. So Wally could get out. Wally had a friend called Sam the Beetle they loved each other so Wally went to find him. But when he was wriggling to Beetles house a bird came by and Wally screamed AAAAAAGGGHHH! Then Sam the Beetle came running out just in time to catch Wally before the bird got him. Then he and Sam
the Beetle played and played all day long. That night Sam and Wally had dinner together.