I ran out the door In shock, I was running from a thief in my house! I was running all over the neighbourhood screaming
But no-one came out to help me. I was super scared until I ran into the local mall where lots of people would, be but they were all running away into the closing shops so the didn't get hurt.
At the end of the mall I saw a weird place that I’ve never seen before, It was called
I raced into the maze hoping the thief wouldn’t find me, but guess what he didn’t go in, he was too scared to go in. So I went in alone thinking this is like a maze with a chocolate cake at the end, like the game Portal 2.

I started wandering around the maze, it was pitch black far into the maze because the lights were broken. I was even more scared then I was when the thief was chasing me. The maze was going all over the place, I couldn’t break out because the wall was made out of bedrock.

3 weeks later ...

I was finally brave enough to go through the black bit, so I did. It was only a 20 minute walk and I kept crashing into walls, so It was very unpleasant until I reached the end. It was a chocolate cake, from the game Portal 2, some movies, an Ipad Air and $1,000 as well as some epic music playing. I was so happy until I figured how do I get out of here, I was now so sad.

So, I tried to find my way out of this horrible place because I needed to see my parents. THis was because I bet you this was a crime scene about a lost 10 year old boy gone missing. I started walking around the maze the way I came in until I found a cow with heart on it. I picked it up, it was lightweight. how was it light enough to pick up? Anyway, I need to know what this cow is about, I think it’s like the game I love, hmmm? What was it again? oh yeah it was something like Goat Simulator - Waste of Space? Oh yeah, It is! ... I’ve got to take it to a dead end, then there will be a cow symbol, I will have to put the cow on the symbol, then I can get out, YAY!

Finally, I’ve found the cow symbol. I placed the cow down and then a portal opened. It was blue and there was the mall on the other side, so I went through the portal and on the other side it was red. Then I ran home to my Mum and Dad and they were so happy I was alive!

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