Last Summer

Last summer, last summer I remembered dancing.
Dancing over the beach waves, waves that were prancing.
Then the sun came out, perpetually jubilant and bright.
Last summer, last summer I remembered getting a fright.

We skipped to the pier, to my favourite food stop.
I ordered a cheesecake with a cherry on top.
We sat. We ate. We laughed, loud and caught many a stare.
They must’ve thought, those two girls are really quite rare.

I decided to face my fear, going into the scary theme park land
Seeing the vacant-faced dolls, we headed forward hand in hand.
The tickets were overpriced but it was a summer treat to us
The ride started with a scary beetle black bus

That summer was absolutely one of the best.
Even though it was hard and served as a test.
Two months. 56 days, of solely fooling around.
Where our feet were almost always off the ground.

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