Larry Mixed Up Triceratops

Once upon a time there lived a Triceratops. He was a plant eater called Larry. Larry was walking and saw a zoo.Walking passed the zoo he said "I wish I could be handsome like a Flamingo, I wish I could be smart like a fox, I wish I could be strong like an elephant, I wish I could be sticky like a frog, I wish I could be big and white like a polar bear, I wish I could hide in a shell like a turtle and I wish I could see things far away like a giraffe". The next day Larry's wish came true.

He woke up and had, Flamingo legs, a foxes tail, a trunk like and elephant, sticky feet like a frog, white fur like a polar bear and a hard shell like a turtle, and a long, long neck like a giraffe.

But Larry was very mixed up. He he didn't like being mixed up. He couldn't stand on his skinny flamingo legs, he couldn't swish his fox tail, he couldn't swing his trunk, he got his feet stuck all the time, and his white fur was dirty and has hard shell was too heavy, and his long neck was not long enough to eat the plants liked.

He woke up not mixed up at all, it was a dream and Larry was still himself.

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