Once upon a time there were two countries, Russia and Australia. There was so much the two countries had in common. One thing so horrible was war. It was so terrifying that lots of people suffered greatly. There was a young boy from Australia who had to go to war. He was not scared but very brave because he believed in Jesus. He knew that he could save his country. When he suffered in war he was healed by the power of Jesus. He got back on his feet and fought, and saw a lot of people dying and had pity on them. He said prayers until they were strong again. On the Russian side he saw children and men dying. He wanted to save them even though he was fighting against them. He didn't want war. He wanted peace and harmony between each country or the war would never end. So, he stood in the middle of the field and yelled, “Stop this war or we will just keep fighting. We need to make peace or everyone will just keep suffering.” Then one of the soldiers said, "Get out of the way", and shot him. The boy fell to the ground but Jesus knew he wanted peace and harmony so he brought him back to life. Everyone saw the miracle and made peace and became friends. That’s why, when you have great faith in Jesus, miracles can happen as with the boy who got shot and lived, and who brought peace and harmony to the two countries, Russia and Australia.


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