Danger Devil- Book 1

Danger Devil was walking then Kaboom! Danger Devil thought there was danger.
So off he went to see if there was danger! There was Danger- it was doctor Boom- Boom! Kaboom! Danger Devil had to do something????
WHOOSH! “What was that?” said Danger Devil. It was Danger Nite, “stop right there!”
“Ahhhh!” said Doctor Boom. Boom! “ahhhhhhh!”
“Eat this!” and he threw a stick of dynamite. Kaboom!
“Night Vision!” said Danger Devil. Danger Devil went to base. The alarm went off at base- “oooooooooohhhh!” said Danger Devil, “Bandits on the loose!” Danger Devil went off again.
“Bandits, bandits on the loose!” said the police “Oh-no!” Kaboom!
“I know now that is Doctor Boom!” said Danger Devil “this is bad!”
“Why is it bad?” said the police.
“That means the bandits got TNT!” said Danger Devil- WHOOSH! “Danger Nite, is that you?”
“Yes it is, how did you guess?”
“Let’s do this!” yelled Doctor Boom “Heeeeya!”
“Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!” Doctor Boom and the bandits ran away.
“Thank you Danger Devil and Danger Nite!” said the police.
Danger Devil and Danger Nite went down to their base….
To be continued!