Excellence Award in the 'Spread The Word 2017' competition

I babysit every Saturday night
to earn every cent of my money, If I want to watch Shakespeare's play
she wants to watch Donald Duck or Bugs Bunny, She's naughty and cheeky and won’t go to bed
until I turn her nightgown into PJ's, And did I mention she likes midnight snacks
A.K.A ice cream and jelly, When the clock strikes eight bed time
turns into hide 'n' seek,
But then I hear the key unlock
and let out a sigh of relief,
Finally she jumps into bed
and pretends to be asleep,
And then the question comes,
I see the brat grinning ear to ear,
I’m sure this will leave you hanging,
dangling from the air,
"Was poor old granny any trouble dear?"