Sahara Safari

Stranded, nothing in a 100km radius. All I have is a couple bottles of water from the plane crash and a sack with the word potatoes sewn on it. But we were flying with Sahara Airlines so they will be able to send off a transmission onto the main host desk for a request for a search party, but we are in the middle of the Sahara Desert so it will take 3 or 4 days for them to get there. For now all we have to do is survive.

“As we round up our items mainly including some cold,” “plane food with a side of sand and small bottles of water, only 5 or 6 of them”. We head off in search of civilisation and hope of surviving 3 days alone in the Sahara Desert. We start walking and as the hot”, “gleaming sun beams down onto our faces we see a sign the sand is starting to get moist and there are healthy trees. When the sand is moist and the trees are lush and green that means water. Where there is water that means we can live! “Captain instructs us to stop walking and set up camp here while the sun is still up. We gather trees and break up wood and by night fall we manage to form a hut. 6 trees standing up in the sand with blankets from the plane crash as the roof, room for all. “Daytime passed and night time came as we rest in the sand, the sound of camels and bats disturb our sleep”, “but eventually we get to sleep.”

The shine of the sun and the burn of the hot, red sand wake us all up early in the morning. But we all know we must get to work otherwise when you walk across the Sahara Desert you will see a hut with 10 rotted passengers and 5 rotted crew in the sand, both with bugs and worms crawling through the skeletons of dead bodies. So we decided to improve the hut and to make a water purifier as soon as we found an oasis. All we did was drink, eat and sleep for the next two days as we try to survive.

All I can hear is the sound of the trumpet because the king of Egypt has come to save us well that is what I thought instead he has come to take us away as trespassers. The king's guards come rushing into the tent and harassing us handcuffing us and dragging us all away.

After the long 17 hour drag we all woke up in a jail cell with prison inmates surrounding us. They were all in bright orange suits and SO WERE WE. They changed our clothes, put us in a cell and now I don't even want to know what they are going to do. As the prisoners approach me with sticks and bats suddenly I turn black and can't wake up….

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