Seeing the ground vanishing in front of my eyes, while looking out the door of the small plane, made me feel quite woozy. My tummy was grumbling loudly I was absolutely starving because I left my house at 4 o’clock in the morning and didn’t get any breakfast. Fortunately there was a plate of hot fresh brownie slice just waiting for me to eat it. An hour later I was busting to go to the toilet after eating the twelve pieces of slice so I took of my parachute and went to the toilet.
I was getting ready for my jump my legs felt like jelly. I was terrified. If I was a pig I would be all bacon no pig. My jump was in ten minutes so I sat on the huge massage chair. I found a Kzone magazine and started reading the jokes there was this funny one why do gorillas have big nostrils because they have big fingers. I laughed so much I thought I would stop breathing.
My ten minutes was up I slowly walked to the jumping window. I jumped out of the window with all my might adrenaline pumping through my vanes only to forget my parachute. I screamed for my life while looking at the ground tasting the brownies coming up my throat and feeling my clothes flapping against me. My ears popped as the whistling air penetrated my head and I bit my tongue so hard I could taste blood. All the air going up my nose made me want to sneeze but I couldn’t. I could see the ground coming closer like a sick joke from the Earth until BOING!! BOING!!


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