Everyone gets scared in their life, but my first big scare was in 2000, April the 12th. I remember it as though it was yesterday. My parents were in North Kuta so I was staying at my Gran’s house. She dropped me off at tennis that day. I was probably practising my serves, when I heard a huge screech from the head coach’s room he came sprinting like a maniac. He talked in a hushed voice to my coach in Indonesian that I couldn't hear well, but I could make out the words bombing and North Kuta. I winced and went towards my coach so he could explain it all to me but he ushered me away and told me to get focused on my forehand. I tried really hard to, but my mind kept drifting back to my coach’s conversation. Next thing I knew the head of the tennis association was talking hurriedly over the loud speaker saying there had been a mass bombing in North Kuta and more then 1000 people had died including my parents. I started to cry when I saw Gran’s Ford Corolla speeding down the tennis court drive way. As soon as she stopped she raced out of the car towards me “ Nadya! Have you heard the news about your parents?” She asked in Indonesian.
“Yes, what am I going to do?” I said still with tears in my eyes.
“You’re coming with me, quick! We’re going to the airport to send you somewhere apart from here, on the news they said that the bombing plane is coming here! Quick! North Kuta is only 2 hours away we've got to get out of here!” she said pulling my shiny red hair.


I’m now 21 and I live in Australia, it was the only flight left that day. Gran only had enough money for me to go and our town got bombed in the next hour. So my gran died to save my life. Since then I had been put in an adoption centre for 2 years before I got adopted by Steve and Melissa. I have been playing tennis everyday since I was four and if I do say so myself, I’ve become pretty good. Last month I received a letter from the Australia Open saying that I will play in the AO 2017, which is today. So far I've done pretty well I've played Krissy Montana from the U.S.A last week and won. I've also played Tegan Price, Louise Logowood and Mary Snazberg. I’m in the final, I’m playing Selena Martin in 15 minutes. I’m so scared! My coach is giving me breathing exercises to calm me down.


It’s a tiebreaker, the next point wins. I’m serving first.
It’s an ace! I cant believe it! Everyone starts to cheer around the arena. I’ve won the womens singles final! I’ve won the Australian Open!


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