Taryn And The Dog

It was a foggy day and Taryn was sitting on her chair outside. She was so bored. She was not normally like this but today she felt like she could not do anything.
“I am so bored,” said Taryn.
“I feel like I cannot do anything. What is happening to me?” As soon as she said that, a dog suddenly appeared, looked at her and smiled.
“Are you lost?” said Taryn. The dog came up to her and sat with her and then she jumped up on to Taryn and lay down.
“Should I ask my mum if I could keep you?” said Taryn.
“My mum likes dogs and she was thinking about getting a dog for a pet too so I will ask my mum and maybe she will say yes.” So they both hopped up and went inside to ask her mum.
Mum was busy in the kitchen.
“Mum,” said Taryn, “can we keep this dog because she has no home and she must be starving?” Mum turned around and looked at the dog and gave a smile.
“I do not see why not,” said Mum. “What is its name?”
“Daisy,” said Taryn. She was so excited. She looked at the dog. She was so happy. Her tail was wagging everywhere. They both went outside to play fetch.
“Fetch Daisy,” said Taryn. Daisy just stared.
“Why are you not getting the ball? Do you even know what fetch is?” said Taryn. Daisy shook her head.
“Then what do you think we should play?” said Taryn. Daisy looked around. Then she ran away and hid behind a bush. Taryn smiled.
“Ok. We can play hide and seek,” said Taryn. So they went off to play hide and seek. It was Daisy’s turn to hide so Taryn closed her eyes and counted.
“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1 0. Ready or not, here I come,” said Taryn. Taryn looked everywhere but she could not find Daisy.
“Daisy where are you?” cried Taryn.
“Taryn dinner time!” called mum. Taryn went inside. Her mum looked at her.
“What’s wrong Taryn?” said mum.
“I lost Daisy,” sobbed Taryn.
“We were playing hide and seek and it was her turn to hide and now I do not know where she is.”
When they had finished dinner, Taryn went straight to her bedroom. Then she looked at her bed in amazement.
“DAISY!!!” yelled Taryn. Daisy woke up in a shock. They cuddled each other so hard that they could barely breathe. Mum ran in the room and cuddled both of them. Then she kissed them both good night and Daisy and Taryn went to sleep.