Land Ahoy

I hated him. I really did. He was a loud, controlling truck that would destroy anyone that got in his path. He was always bossing me around and striking instructions at me. If only I could strike back, give him a piece of my mind.
So here I was again, watching him pack with my beady, black eyes. He was distracted, yet again with his work and didn’t have time for me. I was used to it by now, but that still doesn’t make me wish that I had somebody there for me, ready to talk to me when I felt down. I watched him walk back and forward as he loaded his belongings onto the ship. I don’t understand why we are going out the dark, mysterious waters again. We went out yesterday and he took everything he wanted from the tourists that were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He stole food, jewellery, cash and anything else he could get his hands on. I almost felt sorry for them. But it had to be done as we needed to make a living.
He called out to me and we boarded the ship. His crew followed me. I took my place and they took theirs, ready to set sail. He started untying the ropes as he made his way to the large steering wheel.
Hours later, we finally made it to the hotspot where most pirates steal treasure. I was never really into stealing things, so I just let my boss and the others deal with that job.
The water was beginning to get rough. A storm, you could tell it was coming. The clouds were about to explode. I felt a drop of water fall onto my nose and it dripped down onto my face. Within seconds the storm had begun. Rocking from side to side, feeling like I was on a rollercoaster. Being out on the ocean while a storm was approaching was never a good idea. I watched as everyone fled from corner to corner of the ship, trying to keep it above the water. I knew by trying to help that I was just going to get in everyone’s way so I stayed there, watching, watching.
The storm grew stronger and everyone was struggling. The sound of arguing between the captain and crew filled my ears. Winds blew, rain fell and thunder broke. Looking to the right I saw an enormous wave. It covered the boat and we went under.
We woke up on a mysterious island. I had never been here before and that is what scared me. Going places you didn’t know never ended well in the pirate world. Every was asleep, except my master. He slowly came over to me, looking furious. That was my cue. I was sick of him, I just couldn’t deal with him anymore. He started running and that’s when I took off, flew away. A pirates parrot is always taken for granted. Always.

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