Da Da Dummy Saves The World

It all started off with Gangster Baby finding out there was a new superhero in town. His name was Da Da Dummy and he could grow really strong.
Gangster Baby had an assistant villain called Mr Pilly Perrif.
“Mr Pilly Perrif get the ropes,” said Gangster Baby.
“Yes sir,” said Mr Pilly Perrif.
“I only need one more thing,” said Gangster Baby “The superheroes.”
Meanwhile the superheroes Yack, Posh and Da Da Dummy were on their way flying through the street to get to Gangster Baby’s alleyway. When they got there they were not ready for the surprise.
Mr Pilly Perrif tied Yack and Posh to a rocket that was bound for the sun. Just then the rocket shot off to the sun, so Da Da Dummy crawled back to the base. He got some high-tech gear from the base and while he was getting his gear on, he heard a strange sound. He thought it was a killer robot and he thought right, because at that moment the roof fell in on Da Da Dummy. Luckily for him he had a gadget that dug, he dug it all to the side and looked up, there it was, towering over him, the killer robot. Suddenly the robot grabbed him and took him to Gangster Baby.
“Well, well, well, who do we have here,” snickered Gangster Baby.
“Um sir, that’s Da Da Dummy,” said Mr Pilly Perrif.
“I know that you pigged faced frog” fumed Gangster Baby.
“Pilly Perrif, tie Da Da Dummy to the laser machine,” said Gangster Baby. Da Da Dummy struggled, but it was useless. Da Da Dummy was about to die.
But suddenly Da Da Dummy grew really strong and broke the ropes. Then he started chasing them, he was chasing them to crush their heads. He eventually managed to crush their heads. After that the town had a celebration for Da Da Dummy.
THE END. To be continued. Look out for more books in this series.