Excellence Award in the 'Spread The Word 2017' competition

He looks up to me everyday and I never know why.
Am I even a good brother or is this just a lie.
I wish I was special like Jesus in heaven.
But the only one special is my little brother who´s seven.
I thought I was special 'cos I'm his big brother.
But I guess I shouldn't try to be or even bother.
I was once a self centered person.
But now I just consider myself lucky.
He probably thinks he is lucky to have me.
But what I think is he only needs Jesse.
He could've ruled a castle or country
but I guess he wanted to rule a company.
He was the best thing that happened to me,
So loving, so generous, so kind.
I really hope he will have a good life
So that later he can get a loving wife.