Fading Memories

Ellie is a married young woman with a ten-month old girl and a lovely husband, Tom. Tom was a chef that she bumped into when out for dinner with her best friend, Molly. She was born with a rare disease known as Collapsing mortality, making her body forget how to function properly. After seeing the doctor, she finds that she only has weeks to live. Ellie wants to make the most out of the time she has left to live. Her dream was already a reality but now she wants to keep it from disappearing.

Her fond memories were spent in Hawaii with her four-month old daughter and her husband. She wanted to relive this memory for the last time. She decided that she would fly over their tonight and they would stay until she died.

Soon they had finished going through the most boring thing known as customs, they reached the departure lounge where the family waited for what felt like days but only a few hours. Soon it was time to board the plane. As the plane left I felt like I hadn’t slept for days. The plane was ice cold. It was as quiet as a mouse. The view of the pitch black sky was all around.

After quite a few hours’ sleep, I woke to the plane as it hit the ground with a bit of a bounce around. Then we had finally arrived. As we hopped off of the plane to feel the sun dancing above us. It felt so good to get away from the freezing cold in Gisborne. As soon as we arrived at our resort to feel the comfy king bed in our room and to see the clear water of the pool that shimmered in the light of the dancing sun.

We only spent a week there until I was no longer able to move. That’s when my body started shutting down. My mission was complete; I was able to spend maximum time with my lovely family. “Thank you so much for the time you spent with me, it is more than I could ever ask for,” Ellie said to Tom. “I love you Ellie so much,” Tom cried to her. I love you!


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