Fall Or Fly

If one of you fails the entire team fails. I slowly walk up to the edge but then I glance down. The dark trees seem to come up and tangle themselves around me. I fall backwards away from the cliff. Well if either of you fail I shall kill you. Zorciar. I decide to try again, I’ll fly this time. With my claws hanging over the edge I spread my wings and jump. I look down again. I’m falling.

“Layla!” I hear a roar, as the trees swallow me and I meet the rocks. Pain fills my entire body. My wings fold into my back.

“Layla? Layla?” Zorciar’s voice slowly wakes me up. I open my eyes…Nahmoanaar and Zorciar glare at me, in their real form. I don’t answer either of them as I get to my feet. “What happened? Layla, answer the question.” His eyes flicker, it’s a warning. Just because they’re a few ranks higher doesn’t mean I’ll tell them anything.

“You’re still afraid of heights?” Nahmoanaar growls. I decide to turn around and walk back to the mountain. Strong claws grabbed me and pulled me back. That hurts!

“Fine… yes, I’m still afraid of heights.” We’re about to go through the basics of how to fly again.

“Zorciar, Nahmoanaar and Layla you’re needed at the Greenhouse immediately! There has been an explosion!” Arttois, a messenger, says before taking off. Wait…that’s our food supply! They instantly get to our feet and Nahmoanaar puts me on mine and takes off. The claws!

We have to go to the section where we’re needed at. I was to guard the workers while they fix the damage. The building screams.

“Get out now!” another guard yells. Massive cracks appear in the walls and floor, I blink they’re not there, what? They immediately get out. The noise continues but then I hear a scream it’s faded but there. I hear it again and go in that direction. I go all the way down to the ground floor. “Hey! Anyone here?” I yell.

“Help! Please!” I run forward to the voice. Her legs are trapped under a beam. I slowly push the beam up to hear the rest of the area protest.

“Move! Get out!” Her legs are covered in blood, the beam slips. Half the building gives. I transform to protect her. I feel other beams crash against me. I pick her up in my claws but a strange gas starts to fill the area. We’ going to suffocate if I don’t fly. What if I crash again? What if I don’t and she dies because of me? I take off. I send my energy above to destroy the debris, until I break through. The cool fresh air hits me. I’m flying! Two other dragons come up next too and tell me how to place her on the ground then how to transform back. Pain fills my body. Nahmoanaar and Zorciar come running up with massive smiles. I’m not afraid of flying anymore.