I Didn't Mean To

I didn't mean to kill her. It was a mistake. I was frightened. I couldn't trust her with my secrets. She told.
I stumbled towards the cliff with her in front of me. She screamed loudly and tried to kick me and bite the back of my hand. I stopped and stepped in front of her. What was I doing? I was still angry. I saw a tear quickly drop down her pale cheek. She wiped it fast, like I would scream at her if she cried. Her dark brown eyes shone in the bright moonlight.
“How could you! Why would you tell the reporters! WHY?” I screeched. She bit her lip and pulled her attention away from me. I let go of her arms. I was gripping them so hard that her arms had turned bright red then quickly turned back to match her pale face. I slowly trudged along until I got to a tree that looked a bit wobbly.
I sat down leaning my back against its thick trunk. I heard footsteps. They got closer and closer. I pushed the black figure with all my might against the rock. I stared down. I recognised the thrashing dark brown eyes. It was Grace, my girlfriend. She was screaming in pain and I sat there wondering what would happen to her and what to do right that second.
My hand was now covered in blood from trying to stop the blood pouring out of her head. I quickly dialled 000 and waited with her crying and screaming until the paramedics got here.
Later that night, I stood up from my seat faster than Usain Bolt. Once I saw the doctor come out of her room and slowly shut the door. “You can go in now,” he said taking his stethoscope off from around his neck. I walked slowly to the door trying to smile. I wouldn’t force myself to grin. Not even a little. I nearly just murdered somebody. I had murdered somebody.
I walked into her hospital room and sat next to her. She blinked at me than slowly waved. Blowed a kiss. Then I heard her monitor flat line. I pressed the red button so fast you couldn't even see. Four doctors came rushing into the room and a short blonde haired nurse walked with me out of the room. I had no words. The nurse sat me down on a chair then sat next to me. I wished I hadn't been so selfish. Her parents came running through the doors yelling and crying. What do I do now?
I always have wondered what it would've been like if the police had have charged me. I know I sound crazy saying this, but Grace’s death has made me who I am and if she hadn't have passed I don’t think my life would've ever been the same. There isn't a day that goes by without me thinking of her, usually it’s good things.