I Can See You


A set of eyes were feeling sad. The big, warm brown eyes could only see black and white. On awaking each morning and opening from a deep sleep, until they closed late at night, the eyes only saw bland, boring shades of black, grey and white. Items appeared boring and lifeless. Tears dropped from the corner of the eyes as the eyes longed for more.

The eyes continued on each day looking for, and exploring everything around, but longing for more. The beautiful round eyes could see, but just not everything. One day a pair of special glasses came along and allowed the eyes to see differently!!! The world had changed instantly like a black and white television changing to colour. What an amazing day it was.....described everything the eyes see., the colours all warm, bright and magical, vibrant and fresh. It was like strings on a puppet finally working. The colours were indescribable.

My eyes could finally see things differently. I finally could see the crystal-like rain along with feeling the fresh, cool air against my skin. My lashes began opening and shutting, opening up to the bright, new world with each blink.

But one day poking and pushing began in my eyes with a plastic, cylinder shaped object. It felt cold, but it was warm at the same time. For a while it felt really weird, but then everything was brighter and clearer like last time with my best friend Sally Glasses, but better. I read the package and it said “ Contacts “. Oh wow these contacts are amazing. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did??.

I have seen so many colours since I received my glasses and contacts, which has helped me to see true colours and so many life changing items. I have seen beautiful sunny beaches with crystal blue water shimmering in the bright light, along with my favourite coloured movies. I have seen rich, bold, orange sunsets along with cold, dark nights and have especially enjoyed the pastel colours of the distant rainbows.

And the most significant thing I am fortunate enough, is that I can see you!