A Better Place

A better place
By Kayla Murdoch?

Once there was an old couple. Cindy who was 89 and Dave who was 88. Cindy loved Dave with all her heart and Dave loved Cindy with all his heart. Cindy and Dave did everything together. Everything was fine until Cindy started losing her beautiful hair and every morning Dave was awoken by Cindy’s loud coughing and choking. Dave knew something was wrong so the next morning Cindy was taken to hospital only for Dave too find out that she was diagnosed with cancer, stage 2. Cindy had known this all along but she didn’t want Dave too worry about it. One whole year went passed, Dave only seeing Cindy once or twice a week. One day he came to see his love and he was told bad news. Cindy had stage 4 Cancer. Dave rushed to Cindy’s room. He opened the door slowly and came in. He sat down and held Cindy’s hand. The only thing Cindy said was “If it stopped would you still love me?” Dave did not answer in words but a small tear rolled down his cheek. Hours passed and Dave knew the time had come, Dave knew Cindy had gone but he did not let go he kept his hand holding Cindy’s then he closed his eyes and said “I will never leave your side” the doctor told Dave he had to leave but Dave refused, he could not leave his wife but the doctor forced him. Years went slow and Dave had had enough and the last words he said were “I’m coming Cindy”.


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