V8 Super Cars

My story is about V8 supercar drivers. My favourite driver is Craig Lowndes. He is a good driver. He has won Bathurst 1000 three times.
His team mate was called Jamie Whincup. They drove the same car. Jamie Whincup is a good driver too. Craig Lowndes’s co-driver is Steven Richard. Steven Richard drives the car when Craig Lowndes isn’t driving it.
Craig Lowndes’s car is called a V8 Super Car and his number is triple 8. This number is on the back window of his race car. This is good. His team is called Redbull because there is a picture of a red bull on a silver can on the doors of the car.
There is Caltex symbol with a silver star which is Craig Lowndes new car. This year his team mate is Will Davison and he will be racing with him in a different car. His car will be silver. I think they will win this year at Bathurst.
The end.


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