Nala's Great Escape

Nala wasn’t meant to be a skinny elephant, no elephant is. But Nala was a circus elephant run by the ugliest, fattest, most cruel ringmaster, Boris Tubby. Nala would imagine Boris, and see him with his french moustache, quivering angrily above his black mole. How could an elephant put on weight when she was so scared and offered so little food by the cheap and greedy ringmaster? Even though Boris expected Nala to perform six shows a day, he fed her almost nothing, but kept all the best foods to himself, and his favourite was nuts. Honey peanuts, caramel almonds, and salted walnuts.

One day, Nala couldn’t stand it any longer. She used her bottom (even a skinny elephant’s bottom is rather large) to knock over the ringmaster’s caravan. Out came a furious looking Boris Tubby, practically buried in his thousands of nuts. Nala ate hungrily, but didn’t get more than three trunk fulls of nuts before the ringmaster stood up, looking like a defeated criminal.

‘How dare you!’ he spat. ‘I’ll teach you a lesson for knockin’ over my caravan!’ and with that he drew a knife from his pocket and jabbed it into Nala’s back leg. The poor elephant roared in pain and before she knew it was thrust out of the caravan park. Nala was happy for she had just been kicked out of the awful circus but was in terrible pain. Then she started down the path that led into the village of Ambriel with her collar tinkling as she walked.

A little girl called Cindy and her mother, Jennifer were in the village buying some groceries. Cindy was told to wait outside and being a very obedient child, did so. While Jennifer was inside shopping, Cindy started to think about their old horse, Friday. ‘What fun it would be to have a more exciting animal, such as a giraffe!’ said Cindy aloud. And it was at that very moment that Nala had turned a corner and was now strutting down the very same street that Cindy was in. As Nala walked people stared at her. She was enjoying all the attention! ‘Or an elephant, perhaps.’ whispered Cindy as the elephant came into view. The girl walked carefully over to the elephant and placed a loving hand on Nala’s trunk. Cindy read Nala’s collar tag. ‘Nala. What a gorgeous name.’ Nala went to step forward then stumbled because of her leg. ‘You’re cut!’ exclaimed Cindy.

When Cindy finally convinced her mother to let them take home Nala, the threesome began to walk back to the farm. When they arrived Jennifer fixed up Nala’s cut. Because they lived on a farm, Jennifer and her husband, Billy needed workers and who was more than perfect to work on a farm than Nala? She harvested the wheat and set it in the field for the sheep, cows and horses. But Cindy made sure that Nala was fed as much as she deserved. What great escape!

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