The blue fluorescent flame burst out of the launch ignition chambers of the space craft, illuminating the surrounding forest as it was thrust into the thick smoggy sky and out of the musty atmosphere that Ptunan was home to and into the cold unforgiving space of Novulag galaxy.

“Sir we have an incoming bogey heading at us from approximately 92®, awaiting your command sir” alerted Corporal Luxen.
“What type of craft is it? “ Commander Ng queried.
“It appears to be a Galaraxian F95V battle ship Sir” replied corporal Luxen.
“How many passengers?”
“We don’t know but its phasma photon cannons seem to be warming up”
“that’s all we needed to hear” said the commander “corporal, tell the gun crew to warm up the frasion plasma blasters and get my battle chair ready!”
“Yes Sir!”

The commander walked to the centre of the bridge and sat in his plasma blaster command seat and reclined the chair. When the commander tapped a button on the arm rest a row of vision enhancers and targeting systems made a neat little row in front of the commanders left eye and in line with the target. The commander rapped his fingers around the targeting joystick.
“sir the cannons are charged and the bogey is closer than 200 kilometres away!”
Squinting his right eye and taking aim the commander slammed the red button on the joystick and the photon ball zoomed off to destroy the bogey. As the shot reached the bogey a bright white light flooded the command bridge causing everyone on board the command bridge to twist their heads to escape the light. Once it was gone the crew all turned to see the wreck bogey and cheer in celebration but instead saw the ship fully intact and a reflective force shield surrounding and the photon ball zooming right back at them.

And since that day no one has been seen from that ship and neither has the ship been seen.


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