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ONE WAY GALAXY: In the Solar System lie many different secrets to discover. Space a place where you’ll never get bored. Space a place full, of wonders and planets. There are nine planets, I’m sure you know who they are! Sometimes they fight with each other. The team of astronauts often circle the solar system in loops; Jeff, John, Jake and Jack are looking at every move the planets make.
“I’m so bored, we’ve been out for at least 12 hours and nothing is going on!” Jake exclaims.
“HEY, I COULDN’T SEE YOU, ARE YOU THE EARTH? I THOUGHT YOU WERE A GUMBALL!” Jupiter yells as he keeps on teasing the blue and green planet.
“Ha-ha, my polar ice caps are melting with laughter.” Earth turned away from Jupiter.
“Hey Earth, you have a nice place, not too hot, not too cold, I want it,” Saturn demanded in an English accent, his real accent.
“Hey, back off!” the Earth yelled. A huge argument started. The Planets were bumping into each other. Jupiter bumped into Saturn while stifling a laugh. Mercury bumped into Neptune while Uranus watched them.
Neptune had the idea to stop them from getting the Earth’s place. “Go back to your own pads around the sun and stay there,” she firmly said.
Neptune picked up an asteroid and he threw the rock to Jupiter. It hit his atmosphere. Jupiter turned red then he tilted on his axis more than Uranus. He turned to the Sun as if he were guilty. He went past the clusters of the Kuiper belt’s rocks and went on a solar walk somewhere else.
The gas giants used to treat Neptune like rubbish because he did not know as much as Uranus did. He felt as if he were in the same cold, dark desolate position all of the time. The only planets who knew about this were the four outer dwarf planets: Pluto, Hamaeu, Make-Make and Eris.
The planets thought it would be gross to eat or drink with him because he was named after the Roman God of the sea and ocean water tastes gross.
“What’s your pop?” By this, Neptune meant population.
“6.5 billion,” the Earth responded.
“Interesting,” Neptune sarcastically said.
“Mine is 0,” he was sad.
“Wait!” Neptune had an idea. Mercury has been spreading rumours to the whole solar system. If Neptune and Earth went away for a while and got rid of Mercury the memories would wipe away.
The next year, they were finally back to the edge of the solar system. “Hey Mercs, put ‘em up,” Neptune said.
“You’ve been trying to get rid of me!”
“You knew what he was going to do?” Earth questioned.
“I’ve been telling them that you are such a cool planet, but they changed my words,” Mercury answered.
From then on, the planets were friendly to each other.


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