The crackle of the guns and cannons frighten all the soldiers, but they kept fighting. In the trenches, the soldiers are being weakened, they can’t make it so one of the soldiers send a message on a pigeon for back up. By the time the pigeon reaches the scout base, the other soldiers have been demolished. A soldier grabs the pigeon and reads the note, he shouts out to the commander, “Commander! The scout team needs back up!”,
“Alright men, let’s get these bad boys up and running!”
Three soldiers pull off white sheets covering which looks like a big pile of sand bags but when the soldiers pull off the sheets, it was actually a huge artillery cannon.
“Alright men, on three…...FIRE!”. BANG! The sound of the blast could be heard from a mile. The shells are now flying in the air and about to hit the ground where the oppositions were going. One of the men on the opposing team shouted out “Artillery!”. The enemy scout team tried to run but didn’t make it.

Meanwhile, in another part of the battlefield, an intense battle was taking place. The frontline of the enemy team was pushing through with tanks and armed soldiers. The allies needed reinforcements, so they brought out more tanks than the other team and more soldiers from the scout camp and home base. Most soldiers were backed up by the tanks but they were still getting pushed down.

“Come on boys we can do this!” cried one of the soldiers. We were stuck in the trenches for a while, but we managed to escape. A group of us spotted an abandoned Mark IV out in an open field, we surprisingly fixed it and got it up and running. It had a couple of weapons inside it so I took one of the M1 Carbines. We thought this must have been an abandoned tank of one of our teams.
We pushed ahead through the forest but the driver couldn’t see anything, so the crew told me to guide them and the tank through the forest. I came upon a small camp where some of the opposition team was. I had to get behind a small hill and go around it to take out a couple of the opposite soldiers and after I kept guiding the tank and the soldiers.

The war still went on for a while. But after, the world changed.


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