Land Of Pencil Lead

On the day 27th June 2015 I was at home cleaning my attic and I noticed a door not connected to any walls. It was confusing to me so I stared at it, I just went over to it and opened the door. The door had shot me into this world. It was quite amazing but unfortunately I fell through the floor which was unforeseeably paper. I fell and fell and fell until I finally hit a floor. There was a pencil in the middle of the room on a stand and I was unable to walk.
I crawled over to the stand and I knocked the pencil off of by mistake and it rubbed out my legs. I grabbed the pencil and redrew legs as fast as I could and amazingly they became real legs so I decided to draw a ladder and I climb up it but then pirates attacked me. I got up quickly and drew a sword for myself to fight with.
I started to fight the pirates but they knocked my sword out of my hands. I then drew a portal gun and shot it at the second layer I fell off earlier. As soon as I teleported up I came across cyborgs which started to attack me.
I hid behind a stone block that I drew and drew a TDG (Technology Diffuser Gun) and defused the robots. I then drew a ladder to the next floor and then came across cowboys. I drew a horse to chase them off so I finally got out of that world.
I finally asked my mum "what's the time?" "1:57" she replied "what year?" I questioned "2701 you've been gone for a while son" she answered.
I drew a time machine and went back to 2015. The only thing after that I could ask for is what's for dinner.

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