Halloween Adventure

On Halloween Little Lizard, Tiny Turtle, Dan and Stampy were going to Spookville Theme Park. “Let’s get going,” Tiny Turtle and Little Lizard said
Finally they arrived at Spookville and have a good time. Tiny Turtle, Dan and Stampy saw a path. It lead to a haunted house. They went inside and they found a cage. Inside the cage was a panda. The panda’s name was Polly Panda. Lizard and Tiny Turtle said “You can come with us.” Polly Pander agreed and she showed them the way out. When they made it out Little Lizard said, “Do you want to come to our school?”
“Yes!!!” replied Polly Panda and so they all went back home.
Polly had to tell her new friends that there was a giant spider back at the haunted house. The Spider was going to take over Spookville and make the customers his slaves. Polly wants to get everyone to destroy the spider. They have a plan to get some TNT so we could blow up the spider.
They got all of the TNT that they could find but before they could place it down the spider spat acid at the ground. The ground started to crack open.
“Run!” said Little Lizard.
So they ran as fast as they could. The enormous spider was chasing them. The great big spider called his tiny mates to take them to his castle. The spider put a web net on top of them and carried them to the Kingdom of the Spiders.
When they arrived the tiny spiders dropped the tiny friends down a big hole. They dropped down fast. They saw the Giant Spider and he called his servants. One of the servants was not a spider. It was a black and white cat called Mittens.
She took them to a room and showed them what they were going to use to attack Spookville. Mittens started to laugh an evil laugh and had an evil look on her face. She took down the sheet covering the plans. What they saw was terrible. They saw terrible androids called Freddy, Foxy, Cheeka, Bonny and a white wolf called Vanilla. They were creepy. When it hits twelve o’clockthe androids will wake up.
Little Lizard and Tiny Turtle start to think of how to stop the androids and the Grreat Spider.
“Look! I can see the androids remote control,” whispered Tiny Turtle. “Maybe I can change the cords and make the androids good.”
“You guys close the curtains so that Mittens cannot see,” Little Lizard said to the others.
Polly opens a window for their escape.
Tiny turtle is connecting the wires.
Mittens is looking for the lights switch.
Tiny turtle finishes his work just as Mittens finds the light. All the friends jump out the window and the androids join them.
They go and get the TNT and light it up beside the castle. The whole castle is blown up with the giant spider and Mittens.


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