Sai And Sukay

Two wolves opened their eyes as the sun slid through the cracks in a shed being locked and barricaded with a metal leash by a human because of them hunting their food. They would be fed a plump rabbit each day. Every time the human came in, they snarled at him. One day they escaped due to the leash being old and rusted. The man who had looked after them got a spear because of his heart turning black. He said in a grave voice looking at the ground 'no turning back' while the wolves were walking to the door as the floor creaked and the pitter patter of their feet could be heard they could feel freedom. Sai said, "Stay back, this could be dangerous.” Sukay jumped back gracefully as the wind flowed through her hair when Sai busted down the door! The wind rushed through their hair. Sai said gently bowing his head saying, "You may go first.” Sukay blushed. The wind was as fresh as when they were little. It was all rushing back how they were when they were little, prancing through the buttercups around their home Wind Valley where they had lived with their parents. Then the parents told us to be free (they have different parents, though both lived in Wind Valley.) Suddenly their caretaker came out with a spear and bow plus arrows. He stared at the ground, then there was a spark in his eyes. He jumped in the air with vengeance in his heart. He threw a spear at Sukay but Sai took the hit. Sukay stood there and got shot by an arrow... then she rose up again as a storm of arrows headed her way. She jumped into the air and dodged all of them. She then knocked out the human and let him be. Sukay pulled Sai into the forest. Her heart was clean. She called for some animals with her heart:- a dove to get aloe vera, a bear to grind it, and the dove would build a template for the bowl. The bear would carve it. The ointment would be made over the bowl, then poured other Sai's wound and Sukay's. She got some berries for her and Sai then woke up and rested under a fern contently eating some berries with his eyes barely open. Sukay nibbled on some berries delicately in a bush until the next day the sun cracked. There was a herd of animals getting ready to destroy a kingdom. Sukay gasped and paused time. Sukay was a powerful being. She pulled every creature out of time to explain what was happening. They gathered their stuff and retreated to a different area. She unpaused time like nothing happened.

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