The Masked Dumpling's Adventures

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Spread The Word 2017' competition

Once, a brave dumpling was in at home in a special place: a freezer and this freezer was special
because our hero, The Masked Dumpling was preserved there. A long time passed for Bamboo,
waiting with some fellow dumplings until; at last, a kind family came and took his packet.

He was driven to a strange place. He fell asleep and found he was extremely hot. Immediately the
warmth stopped. Next thing he was brought on a “plate” and chopsticks were being poked into him
until “RIP” his dumpling skin was partly off, and that formed his costume, with a cool cape and hood. The heroic dumpling felt determined, so he jumped up and escaped.

He travelled far until he saw a small town and a sign that read: “Teriyaki Town, the place of tasty
ticken (chicken, but we wanted to do alliteration?). Enjoy!” Bamboo stared at it and opened some rusty gates to reveal a beautiful place, heaps of food and happy people. He was just about to walk in when: “halt!” Bamboo looked around and saw two bottles of brownish sauce on the other side of the gate. “Name?” said the mysterious pair.

“Umm, Bamboo Shoot is my full name, but just Bamby for short”.

“Reason for departure?”

“I’m arriving not departing” retorted Bamby.

Bamby found out their names were Sarah and Sam and they kindly led him to a tall tower, not
leaving him any information.

Bamby went up to the top of the tall tower and found a person named Master Sushi sitting on a soft, ugly green cushion. Bamby smelt red bean scent and various fruits: jackfruit, durian, coconut, pineapple, mango and watermelon. Bamby asked for some skills in fighting, just like Sarah and Sam advised him. The master agreed, and they drank tea and ate ice-cream.

Bamby trained for months, morning until evening, thirteen hours a day and five days a week. The
Masked Dumpling became a great warrior and fought for dumpling’s freedom.

Many years passed. When he wasn’t saving dumplings, he spent most of his time at Tofu Tom’s
Ticken Tavern (again, chicken but alliteration is awesome! ? ).

One day a terrible threat came to the town, a person, enormous, bigger than any human Bamby had
seen in his great adventures. “I am Cookie, the Giant” bellowed the human. Everyone gasped at the

“ME” said Master Sushi and Bamby, determination and bravery in their eyes. The giant picked up
Master and threw him into his mouth, but before he went in, Bamby jumped up, kicked master out
of the way and sacrificed himself.

“I hope I will be remembered, this is my destiny” Bamby cried.

The giant said: “I can taste the bamboo shoots, mmmm nice” and left, never to be seen again. Everyone helped to build a monument in his honour. Everyone was crying for the next few years continuously without stopping and everyone didn’t live happily ever after.


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