Fairytale Adventure

Once Goldilocks and, her BFF, Red Riding Hood were having a stroll through the woods. They saw Hansel and Gretel. Hansel asked what they were doing. Goldilocks explained that they were going on a stroll. Hansel and Gretel joined them. While walking, they got lost and it was late. The forest became dark, cold, the animals started to hunt, you could barely see your way with just streaks of moonlight shining through the dark towering trees. Through a tiny gleam of moonlight, Gretel (the eye of the group) spotted a hut.
The group walked up to the hut. They thought they could take shelter inside. Hansel (the bravest of the group) opened the door. It opened with a loud creak. They walked inside, the door slammed shut. Inside they found that they were in another forest. It was like the one they were in before. Red was amazed that the hut was magical. They kept on walking, they reached a castle. Goldilocks strode right up to the large wooden door. She knocked on the door and it opened. They stepped inside. There was noise coming from upstairs.
As they went up, Red got stuck in a spider web. Luckily Red knew what to do. She ran like she had with the wolf and she was free. The group kept on walking.
Upstairs they saw a soft, brown, furry creature. It was Goldilocks’ long lost dog. But behind the dog was a witch. The witch wore a pale white dress and had a sizzling, sparkling, golden wand. She had trapped the dog. She then captured Hansel and Gretel. Goldilocks and Red hid before the witch could take them.
Since the witch had closed the door again, Red started to explore the castle. She found a library and went inside and found two sleeping bags. She called Goldilocks over and showed her the sleeping bags. They decided to sleep for the night.
In her sleep, Goldilocks had a dream of her visit to the bear’s house. Sitting in baby bear’s chair, from the corner of her eye she spotted a book on the shelf titled “How to Turn Evil Magic into Good Magic” Startled, Goldilocks got up. She woke Red up and described her dream.
After a frantic search in the library they found the book, and prepared the magical potion following instructions. They managed to squeeze through a narrow opening in the door. The witch was eating breakfast with her back to the door. They cast the spell on her. The witch transformed into a beautiful girl. The girl looked around and thanked Goldilocks and Red. While that was happening, the cages around Hansel, Gretel and the dog broke and they ran out.
When the others came out. Red explained what had happened and the girl apologised.
Goldilocks went to the bears’ house with flowers and apologised. They became friends and had a big party at the bears’ house with porridge not too hot or not too cold.


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