Excellence Award in the 'Spread The Word 2017' competition

Afraid of the roaring darkness I reassure myself hoping that this is some horrific nightmare, I look around to find nothing but the darkness and a small tear begins to prick my cold cheeks, feeling the emptiness I touch my corpse like hands smelling death, I look to the clouded sky and sigh. Had I lost my memories? Did I fade into the void? Hearing nothing but silence reminds me that I am truly alone. Surely I do not get a second chance at life I took the first one for granted.
This is my punishment I must suffer silently. Alone, drowning in my reassuring pain. Deciding to walk against the darkness, I was surprised to find that my cold nose was warm and began to hurt. I look up with curiosity to find a wall of glass. Looking around I somehow lock eyes with another soul. Feeling warmth coming from my chest, I move closer to the soft soul and stare into glossy green eyes that hypnotise me. Slowly I felt myself becoming lighter and lighter. On the faded glass, I was surprised to find writing on it. It read, “Hello.” Feeling my emotions slowly come back to me and swallowing me whole, tears of joy well up in my eyes and I write “Hi.”
Gradually our friendship began to grow, just being in each other’s presence was enough to want to live another day. But I also became greedy I couldn’t stand that glass that kept us apart, I just need someone with a human touch. I tried to run against the current, fighting the storm called fate… yet I had nor the courage to do so and I was blown back into despair. Weeping silently, I saw her again, she looked concerned and that comforted me a little. We put our foreheads on the glass, feeling warmth I clam down, I slept soundly that night.
Just knowing he was alive was enough, I have a sigh of relief escape from my mouth. If it’s just us two in this world I don’t care. As long as we are together I shall live another day. I keep having faith in you, though before this, I would have believed that I was dead. Waking up to spilled coffee staring out my tainted window, had I forgotten how tired I was? I simply just floated into the air. Apparently I died that morning.
Yet I had found light at the end of the tunnel, my restless heart beat so imperfectly. Yet I kept holding on and I waited in the darkness and then you came and became my shining light. My heart fluttered like a butterfly, I felt as though I shined like the stars in my dreams. Though I became impatient myself but I kept those feelings hidden, I didn’t want to bother him so I abandoned those feelings. Then… I became afraid of opening up. I didn’t want to suffer in silence any longer but there was nothing I could do, I had fallen in love for the first time and continued to pray for another day.



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