“Lief” his mother called, “Leif!” Leif came in an instant hurrying. He could hear the footsteps running along the floorboards of the stairs as he heard his Foster mother shout dinner was ready. He sat down smelling the wonderful meal that was set out. It wasn’t much only some rice and rarely chicken but for an orphan, it was great. After the big meal, he decided to have an early sleep. This sleep would change everything.

Leif could hear faint singing in the distance. As he crawled closer, he could see flowers that were alive in almost what seemed like humans sized pixies. The leaf wings and the sunflower dance boots, brought out a green shade among their bright pink petal hair and skirt. He could hear the howling of the green and yellow wolves with their shining dragon wings. The little blue mice who Lief thought was the best, hopped on their tiny blue sphere tails which were connected by a black zig zag line, connected to the body, like the tail it was blue. They had no whiskers just cute eyes.

One of them tripped over stumbling into his hiding spot! As he backed away the creature looked up staring for a while,“Squeak!” it squealded! The music stopped, everyone had turned watching the spot where the sound had come from. As they edged closer, the blue tiny critter ran back to its pack, checking back to see if Lief was still there. Then, a wasp who looked as if he were the king of the place swooped down with a leaf blade sword and swiped him on the side which felt hard across Leif's face. “I am Stingstrike, leader of this pack!” he boomed “And you are?”Leif stumbled and said outloud his name. They all looked at him while Stingstrike explained that this was the alternate world. The petal dancers were Lilitunes, the green fox dragons were Zyraysars and the blue mice were Agura. There had been a catastrophe and the world was split to two, the Nature Team and Magma Team were now what's left of it and he knew that he needed to help! Stingstrike offered Leif two of his best warriors, a Zyraysars and an angel named Luciemo to heal his team. As they crossed the border with his allies it shut them off from the Nature zone! They were trapped.

“Meramon!” A fiery beast shouted “FIRE!” Fireballs started hurling towards them from the palms of other beasts made out fire. Leif's team dodged their attacks and hurdled towards them with their own. The Zyrayars were scratching the Meramon while the Agura were splashing water to cool them off. Luciemo was healing up the team in the process. When they were defeated, a Blue Meramon stood up asking if he could join there team. He had been undercover for the Nature Team but then realized he couldn’t come back, so the pack strolled to what Blue Meramon said was Ancient Volcelerar who is the strongest in the Magma Team. Mist started to swirl up till Leif knew he should have listened.