Hi my name is Lia,I'm going to tell you a story that will make you never want to travel again. On a rainy day me and Lauren were watching tv together and all of a sudden the adds came on and it said "Lauren Taylor has won a trip to bora bora with one friend of your choice,we will pick you up at you up tomorrow" Then me and Lauren jumped out of are seat jubilantly and we started screaming "we going to bora bora!"

The next day the news came to pick us up and took us to the airport, they told us good luck as they drove off. So me and Lauren watched the planes as we were waiting for our flight. After three hours of waiting they finally called our flight,we gave our suitcases in and headed to our seats in first class!

The plane was going all great and on the speakers it said"two hours till we land." Lauren and I were so excited. After that me and Lauren were just talking then we started experiencing really bad turbine but we just ignored it then it got worse and worse then everyone was screaming some people got on the safety boats. But Lauren and I didn't know what to do so we stayed still, the crew were trying to keep everyone calm and safe. The plane was falling more every second as it hit the ground my ears blocked and I got knocked out. I don't know when or what time but I woke up and saw no one except from Lauren so I sprinted as fast as I could to her. Her eyes were closed and she wasn't moving and it looked like she wasn't breathing,so I sat next to her and cried"Lauren please wake up,I need you to wake up for me" But she didn't wake up.

After an hour I gave up and went to search for some food. As I walked to the forest I heard a loud roaring sound but I knew when Lauren woke up she needed food so I entered the forest. I must have been walking for about twenty minutes and didn't see one piece of fruit! Finally I saw some bananas hanging from a short palm tree so I quickly grabbed them and headed back. When I got back Lauren had woken and that night we were thinking of ways to survive.

The next morning we made a plan where I collect food and Lauren collects wood. After 5 day of the same thing I said to Lauren "I don't think we are ever going to get off this island" so that evening we had eaten all the food and we were starving then at that moment we heard a boat horn and they pulled up at shore and let us in,then they took us to bora bora and it turns out we still had 10 days in paradise.


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