It was Halloween 2016 during a dark night. Tris was a girl with brown curly hair and her eyes were blushing blue. Tris loved Halloween Tris lived in America. Tris had a family of 3, her Mum, Dad and herself.
It was a windy, foggy night. Tris got dressed up, she had a scary mask that had blood all over its face and it also had vampire teeth. She wore a black coat with her scary mask. It was dinner time, Tris, Mum, and Dad made soup with mashed pumpkin. The mashed pumpkin was shaped as a brain. They drank creaming soda that looked like blood.
It was 8:00pm an hour till Tris could leave. During that hour Tris’ friend came over. As soon as Matilda walked into the door she screamed cause Tris’ costume was so revolting, it was that scary. Tris helped Matilda make her costume. They put red paint on her body to make it look like she was bleeding. She also painted the rest of Matilda's face white to look like a ghost. Matilda put on jet black clothes.
It was close to 9pm so Tris’ Mum let the girls go trick or treating. “Tris!” Dad yelled out, “Don’t go down Brown Street cause at the end of the street, there is a tall scary house. Lightning strikes it every day of every minute.” Tris called back, “Ok!” Tris and Matilda didn’t believe the story.
It was getting foggier as the night went on. They arrive at Brown Street. They headed down Brown Street. They stopped at the house before the haunted house. Matilda waited out the front of the house but Tris wasn’t scared at all. Tris went up to the haunted house and banged hard on the door with no fear. Someone opened the door and put the lollies in Tris’ hand. Suddenly a man grabbed Tris’s hand and pulled her into the house.
Matilda screamed, Matilda waited for a bit she saw the man through the window with Tris. The man locked Tris on the top level.
Matilda ran back to Tris’ parents and they called the Police. The police gathered an army of people. The Police leader told Tris’ dad that he would have to walk into the house and distract the man while the Police get the ladder and go through the second level window. Matilda went with the Police Officers. The Police went down to the level where Andy and the man were, they hid behind a wall counted down quietly, “3, 2, 1.” They ran, the Police used ropes to tie the man down and put handcuffs on him. Matilda saw the keys, she thought they might be the keys to the top level so she stole the keys out of the man’s pocket. Matilda ran up 6 sets of stairs and unlocked the door. It worked, they ran up to each other and gave each other a massive hug. The Police Officers and Matilda saved the night.


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