F-8's Championship

It was 9:00 am & the racers were on the Indianapolis 500 Speedway. The final turn was made before the racers took their positions behind the starting line. The last season rookie Zepher was the new champion as well as the new king of racers. Not to mention, F-8’s biggest rival. Well, at least he thought Zepher was his rival. Zepher didn’t care about anyone. He was selfish, greedy & mocked other racers. He was also extremely cocky. The race was about to start and Zepher took first place in the starting line while F-8 took last. The green flag was about to be waved. F-8 concentrated and focused, & then it was GO time.

The race had started. Zepher had a good start & was getting away. F-8 went after him. Dodging & passing through other the Indy Car's, he was catching up to Zepher. Zepher had nearly lapped F-8 but then he was stuck behind the racers at the back. F-8 was in fourth place & he was trying to get second place. Then the cars in front blocked him. After twenty laps F-8 saw an opening & took second place from the inside. He sped up to Zepher & was behind him F-8 knew that if he made a mistake, it would be over.

490 laps in, & F-8 was behind Zepher as they both entered their last pit stop. F-8’s crew chief told him & his race team “A good pit stop here could mean the win”. Fortunately, F-8’s race team pulled out for him and he got a super quick pit stop. F-8 had taken the lead. He could hear his crew chief telling him “Ok kid ten laps left, keep your head in the game”. F-8 noticed that Zepher was pulling up behind him. He wasn’t going to lose, especially to a rookie.

A single lap left & Zepher was pulling up beside F-8. Zepher tried to take the inside but F-8 over took him. Zepher had enough. He pulled up beside F-8 and side slammed him, pushing F-8 into the infield. F-8 could see the last turn coming up & with how close he was to becoming champion, he wasn’t going to give up. F-8 slammed the brakes. It stopped him from moving & sent Zepher flying into the infield. F-8 crossed the finish line and won the championship. He became the champion & the new king.

Everyone cheered. F-8 couldn’t believe it. He & his race team celebrated & so did the crowd. Zepher was disqualified as a racer since he cheated to win. Zepher’s last word to F-8 was “I’m going to come back for you” & with that, they took him out of the speedway. F-8 knew Zepher would come back for him but that was going to happen later. The day ended with cheers and F-8 knew that there was more competition out there, the word’s that came out of his mouth were “Bring it on”.


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