Dad And The Jungle Incident

Mary wanted to go on an adventure in the jungle with her dad, "Can we go?" she asked him.
“OK,” he replied, “We might find some cool animals.”
"Come on Dad, let’s go.”
"Ok Mary, come on. Pop in the car and we will go to Marly jungle."
"Ok, here we are," dad said.
"Let's go, I'm so excited Dad."
So they started looking around in the jungle and Mary spotted a lion in the bushes and said; "Look at that scary lion."
"Don't worry hunny, if you don't harm it, it won't go near you."
But dad deep inside wanted to go near it so he did. It chased him all around the jungle until he finally got away and he was so happy he was going to call Mary to go home. Then he realised that Mary wasn't there dad got so worried that he almost fainted right there at that right minute. But dad held it back and went looking for her. Then he came across a big chimpanzee and ran for his life until the chimpanzee stopped chasing him and dad found Mary and gave her a big hug.
"Oh Dad, I missed you," said Mary.
"So did I" dad replied.
"What happened to you?” Mary asked, "I lost you."
"Let's just say lots of unexpected things happened in the jungle."
And with that, Mary and dad went safely home for dinner.