Finishing off my dinner, I bolted up the stairs quicker than lightning. I ran so fast that I expected a man in a black leather jacket, with a pair of sunglasses, and a check-board to show up and say that I had broken a world record. Nope he did not show up. Opening the door to my bedroom I jumped on my computer and started typing line after line of code that would let me hack into every website known to man. My heart was pounding like a drum. My fingers flew across the keyboard knowing what to do. I had prepared for this moment my whole life. I remember when I was three, I stumbled across Mum’s computer while she was making breakfast and somehow I hacked into a toy shop and bought everything (including the shop’s cash register).
Finishing off my lines of code,I took a deep breath and thought this is it finally! My finger hovered over the enter button, ready to upload my code…when suddenly, a game of Mario Karts appeared. I was surprised but interested. Looking down the page, I spotted some writing. It read ‘Win this race, then continue with your hack’. Getting my kart ready, I boosted forward the second the light went green. I did not do too badly. I got fourth place. Suddenly, I heard police sirens off in the distance, but they were getting closer by the second. The game must have been a decoy. Before I get arrested, let me tell you one thing. Never hack again!



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