Hamitch And The Phoenix

Once there lived a very unlucky boy called Hamitch. Hamitch’s parents had died shortly after his birth, so Hamitch now was alone. He was also now unlucky for an unmentionably large number of reasons. Firstly, he had no parents. Secondly, he was homeless [well not really but you’ll find out later on] and if two reasons isn’t enough there was a third reason why Hamitch was unlucky. The third reason was, he had no money for the fire that had killed his parents had burned their money.

Now let’s agree Hamitch was one unlucky boy…

Hamitch lived in an ancient and musty tree that was hollow. Across the lake that twinkled like the brightest star in the sky, was a snowy mountain that seemed to lean over the forest where Hamitch’s tree was.

One day Hamitch decided to cross the lake and climb the snowy mountain to collect snow for water. He found a nice long hiking stick, weaved together bows of wood to make a raft and at last he was prepared to start his journey. Once he had navigated across the lake Hamitch climbed higher and higher and further and further away from the ground. When he finally reached a nice and puffy patch of powder snow, he suddenly heard something moan under the snow. He was curious and dug to see what it was. When suddenly he hit something hard. He cleared away some snow to see what it was and to his surprise it was a…PHOENIX!…[ Hamitch nearly fainted in amazement ]

Once Hamitch had caught his breath and thought that this day could not get any more ludicrous. All of a sudden, the Phoenix turned to him and spoke in human language. “Please save me! I’ve been here for days. I’ll give you anything, I’ll even grant you a wish.” Hamitch couldn’t believe his ears, at last fortune favoured him! He quickly dug up the Phoenix but then the Phoenix said “So what is your wish then?”

Hamitch thought and thought but couldn’t decide, so he turned to the Phoenix and said “ Is it possible if I came back tomorrow with my wish?”
“Ok” said the Phoenix but just as Hamitch was about to walk away an idea came to him, he turned to the Phoenix and said “I wish that I could see my parents in a mansion sitting on a golden couch and go live with them,”

With a blinding flash of the Phoenix’s great wings, all of their surroundings began to sway and shift. Hamich couldn’t even tell which way was up or down and fell to the ground covering his eyes. When things had finally cleared up again, he sat up to discover himself…in a beautiful mansion sitting opposite his parents on a golden couch.

After this Hamitch was much luckier and had a great time in his mansion, with his parents.


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