I CAN Sing... Trust Me

"I CAN sing... please trust me!" I begged my best friend, Louise. She just looked at me with disbelief but I'm used to it. I get that look whenever she thinks my ideas are stupid (which is quite a lot). Our school is holding a talent show, 'West Crook Primary Skills n' Thrills Talent Show’. I want to enter but Louise is scared of the whole school watching her. I can't enter by myself. She has the most amazing voice. I occasionally hear her humming or singing to herself. "You can't sing Diana.” "Yeah I can," I then let out the most high pitch note and it surprisingly sounded good. "Do you have a recording of ABBA that you just played?" I responded by pulling my hands from behind my back to show her I didn't. "So it's settled then." "What's settled?" "That we're entering the talent show."
After that, I finally got Louise to sing. We have a great harmony going. We are going to sing I'm Still Standing by Elton John. Louise suggested it and we both love it, so here goes nothing. We sang the song start to finish. Hitting all the high and low notes as we went. The talent show is in three weeks. Louise and I have a sleepover tonight so we can practice. We are also neighbours so it's easy to hang out.
A few weeks have passed and we have been practicing every spare moment together. It's quite hard though because she has band practice twice a week and I have swimming, netball and soccer 5 times a week (including my netball and soccer game.) We are going really well and the talent show is in a week.
The day has finally arrived. I woke to the feeling of butterflies in my stomach but I'll be okay. Our outfits are really cool. Louise is wearing a dress and flower crown and I'm wearing ripped denim shorts with a tank top. My hair is in a tight bun and we both have matching necklaces and bangles.
(After the talent show) Ok breathe… OHHHH MYYYYY GLOBBBBB. WE WONNNNNNNN!!! As we stepped on stage, the school clapped and our music started. We sang and danced and clapped. Getting the audience involved was a key part. When we had finished, the judges (A Rock Star from the 80's, our School Principal and a woman from the Council) clapped and clapped and clapped. The whole school erupted with WOOOOHOOOOS!!! and sooooooo much clapping!! We were the last act. The judges whispered and finally came up the front to tell us who won. "It was very hard to choose, but I think because of the school enthusiasm towards this act, it's obviously won. Please come up and receive your prize 'THE SINGING SENSATION'. Please give Louise and Diana a huge round of applause."