Halloween At Disneyland

One day, I was at the Disneyland Halloween festival with my three best friends Abigail, Mia and Hennah. As we were in line to go on the “Hollywood Tower of Terror!!!”
“So does anyone not want to go on because I wouldn’t like to, if that is all right with you guys,” Hennah said.
“Yeah sure. I don’t want to go on it either, Hennah,” replied Abigail.
“So Mia and I are going on it. Hey, why don’t you two go and buy us all Mickey Mouse ears,” I added.
“Yeah. I’m down with that.”
“Me too!” replied Abigail and Hennah.
“So see you when we get off the ride,” Mia added.
After the ride, Mia and I looked at the photo and we laughed at it because Mia’s hair was standing up, while I was screaming and my mouth was wide open.
Next, we tried to find Abigail and Hennah but suddenly Hennah decided to jump up behind us with a pair of Halloween-themed Mickey Mouse ears. While I got really cute and girly ears, and Mia got a pair with Ariel’s tail design on them. Abigail got one with pink gemstones.
“Woah, these ears are killer!!!” Mia said in an excited tone.
“Same!” I added.
After that, we all went on a ride together and ate. We all decided to go home and have a sleepover at Mia’s house because she had moved into her own apartment.
Until the next day…