Fact Or Fiction?

Have you ever been close to death? Well that is what these girls have been through in this story. I can tell you if you are a young child, you might want to get out of the room.

BEEP! BOP! BEEP! BOP! Buttons have been pressed and levers have been activated.
“I’m only a starter!” moped Jennifer.
In the lab the lights had turned off. “Oh, it must just be an electric shock,” stuttered Zoe. “See, outside is still bright!”

A sudden stop to the earth by the evil Professor Summer. “I will get these morons once again!” cackled Summer with a grin on her face.

“I know who it is that is causing the tragedy!” yelled Zoe.
“It’s Professor Summer!” squealed Jennifer. So the girls packed their bags read for the journey in front of them.

Two Days Later.

“I feel like I’m going to die,” complained Jennifer.
“So do I,” replied Zoe. They were running out of food.

Unknown to the girls, from some cameras in the trees, Professor Summer was watching them. “So you think you could come crawling back to your enemy?” thundered Summer.

And that’s when Aunty Clara stopped reading the book and calmly said “Goodnight my child.”
“Good night,” said Samara, yawning.

Do you think this story is true?


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