Halo 5 Campaign: Mission 1

Team Osiris fly past debris on their way down to the battle from the flying pelican above. Locke and Buck take out the ghosts while Vale invades a low flying phantom and kills the aliens inside. Then suddenly a phantom is crash landing nearly crushing everyone on the battlefield and then Tanaka spots a ravine "let's go down the ravine "yelled Tanaka. Over the battle sound and then team Osiris jump down and find more aliens below but the phantom suddenly falls on them and then you the player takes over. As you walk around the right corner there are soldiers forerunner enemies and crawlers from halo 4. After that you see a series of ledges here you learn the clamber press double A when you jump onto a ledge and clamber up. Then go through the ice arch and there are more soldiers and crawlers protecting a large door that's the checkpoint. Then through that door you learn how to destroy knight armor and make them vulnerable. Then you finish your mission kill jul'madama and you finish your mission.


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