Hanna And The Witch

Hi I'm Hanna. This is a story about how I turned into a chocolate bar. I had beautiful blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes until I went shopping! It was the 7th of June 2017. I was shopping at the new shopping centre. There was so many people there but there was one lady I was focused on. She had rainbow hair. I knew it was a wig. She also wore gloves and fake nails. It come to my mind "A WITCH!"I yelled as loud as I could. ZAP! Everyone was chocolate. Before anyone could notice she put everyone on the shelf. Now I have to fight for my life so I don't get eaten. Everyday more and more people come to the shopping centre and we have to hide under the shelf. On the 28th of September more people came than usual. As usual we hid under the shelf. "AHAHA". One chocolate said as Coca-Cola life spilt on us. "What! " I'm human, I'm human!" Everyone said. Everyone decided to tip water on the witch, so we did. "I'm melting, I'm melting" said the witch. Now everyone is safe from the witch!


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