Hairy Potter

Hairy Potter was trying out some spells in the bathroom. Interesting, one spell worked when it turned a frog into a fish! So Hairy Potter tried another spell on the mirror. But it missed and it turned Hairy into a frog! So Hairy tried ANOTHER spell on himself so that he could turn back into Hairy Potter. When he tried it again his wand touched the mirror. The mirror then grew eyes, arms and legs! And a mouth too (although he didn’t speak a lot).
Hairy Potter and the mirror went for a ride on a flying CAR-pet. He found a big wet castle. Hairy decided to use two spells at the same time. He used the shrink spell for the mirror, and the writing spell for writing his name on the castle.
Inside the castle there was a maze. Hairy found a humungous door at the end of the maze. He went through the humungous door and saw some silly stairs. The steps were squares, circles and diamonds! Hairy walked up the silly stairs and saw three doors. He choose the left door. He went up some more stairs and he got to the top of the castle. Hairy looked down and he could see a pit of lava. Quickly he ran out of the castle. Then he used the growth spell on the mirror but unfortunately it grew to a GIANT sized mirror, so Hairy tripped him over. The Giant Mirror made an enormous bang sound and then Safari and Don appeared.
All of a sudden an invisible door appeared! A snorting hat came through the door and ate Hairy Potter’s head. Safari and Don chased the hat away. Then they all jumped on a super fast train and went to Dogwarts. They were so glad to get away from the head eating snorting hat, so they had a quiditch game with brooms of fire!

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