A Blue Moon

Mia watched as the moon revealed itself on the edge of the horizon, reflecting onto the ocean. "Tomorrow is a new day, Luna. A new day of excitement or disaster," whispered Mia.
Both Mia and Luna were gazing upon the stars.
"Please make tomorrow a better day," wished Mia.
But I'm afraid that tomorrow was no better than yesterday. Brendon the school bully, stole Mia's lunch money and beat her up. After the incident was reported, Mia was allowed to go home. For the rest of the day, her dad comforted her and Luna sat down on her lap and purred, which calmed Mia down
That night like all nights, Mia and Luna sat on the hill and wished upon the stars. As the moon rose up from the horizon, its colour changed to a deep blue. "It’s beautiful," said Mia, amazed. Mia picked up a dandelion. "I wish for a friend to stand by my side," whispered Mia. She blew the dandelion tufts and they floated off into the distance, heading towards the blue moon. Mia watched in amazement.
The next day, when Mia got to school, she noticed that there was a new boy in her class. Mia, being the kind person she is, walked up to him and said hello. The boy smiled but didn't speak, only swivelling his head around the room in search of someone. "I'm Mia," said Mia. He immediately turned his head around and faced Mia in surprise. "I'm Blue," said the boy, "the wish that brought me here was made by you so I am now at your service. I am now your friend." Mia gasped in surprise. "Really?!" gasped Mia. "Shhhhh!!!" he added, "It's a secret."
For the rest of the day Mia and Blue hung around each other, until that night, when they were walking across the beach. A thought struck Mia's mind. "Where will you sleep?!" gasped Mia. Blue smiled and gazed upon the moon. He looked back at Mia and whispered, "Goodbye, for now." He then disintegrated into a pile of blue sand and the wind carried him towards the moon, which soon turned blue. Mia smiled and whispered goodbye.
The next day, Blue was back at school but showed no interest in Mia as A friend whatsoever. He was hanging around with Brendan. Blue was breaking rules, stealing people's money and beating them up. At the sight of this, Mia raced back home.
That night, Mia sat on the hill and wished upon a dandelion.
"I wish that I knew how to stop this," she said. Mia blew the dandelion and, as soon as she did, she knew how to stop all this mess.
The next day, Mia ignored Blue and the bullies and they soon didn't seem to be interested. That night, Mia wished for it all to go away.
The following day, there was no Blue, no bullies and Mia actually made a friend.


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