Robot's Realm

Excellence Award in the 'Spread The Word 2017' competition

In 1000 years a ship will be launched. They are visiting Robots Realm. Robots Realm has exactly 1369208 robots there. 3017 – the ship has been launched. When they landed it was crazy. It looked there was a lot more than 1369208 robots.
Gkrrr! The world shook furiously. What was that? I slowly drifted to sleep. When I woke up I saw a rocket in the ground. I was very worried. On that day we went out to go shopping. Everything was normal until exactly 2:30pm. The floor was collapsing. Sharks and seals were jumping out of the collapsing floor. Just then a giant robot jumped through the ceiling. The robot had wheels to move, a blue simple head and a bomb dispenser. I also noticed it had bomb proof shields and its eyes were lasers. More robots appeared from the roof. I looked for safety. 8 robots were dancing for some reason. I remembered this myth that every July 5th something crazy happens.
I just need to survive 8 more hours of craziness. I remember the medieval shop. It has building tools which I’ll hit the robots with for defence. We rushed and raced back home and guess what? Our home wasn’t there. Only a roof, which was floating. Why was it floating? I went under the roof to look and of course robots were making it float. They were flying robots that looked like UFO’s. At least the world wasn’t gone yet.
The world is gone… forever? But I could breath. I’m not in space. Definitely not in space. It was white with white holes and black stars. No gravity. A black sun. Nobody else was with me. The end?
“A A A M M M W W W” I heard. Robots? I hope not! Humans? I hope so! It was a robot shaped like a shark but smaller. “aaay” It said “this is robots realm.” Well this is the best day ever I thought sarcastically. More shark robots appear. Suddenly a rocket appeared. It made me fall asleep. I woke up in robots realm, in a glass box. Robots realm is just like a normal market. Will the world come back?
The world is back and I’m in my bed. I swear that was 3 seconds, not 1 minute. Everything was normal apart from 1 thing. The sky was green! I went outside. There was a rocket in the ground with a timer. 58 seconds until explosion. I grabbed the hose and sprayed it with water. CORE EXPLOSION IN SIX SECONDS. 6 5 4 3 2 1. Tick! It’s gone! Forever? I will find out on 3018 July 5th.