Lady Elsie Broen

Lady Elsie stared at her father in despair.
"Your wedding to Lord Angus Coray will be in a week. You will be fine." added Baron James, thinking Elsie was merely surprised at the prospect of marriage. Baroness Elizabeth saw her daughter's wretched glance, however, and was immediately concerned. At 17, Elsie was fair skinned with soft, brown hair and piercing green eyes. Her attire suited her gentle features, a black thread sketching intricate designs through the cream cotton blouse tucked into a deep green velvet skirt blossoming from her waist. Her clothing, however, in no way suited her personality; she had always loved the outdoors. She heard Baron James say a few words and her mother whisper "I'll be back soon" before she was alone, numbed by pure shock.
"I know thaat’ll be a weeding an’ a ha’f, eh?" hearing this, Elsie guessed her Scottish personal maid, Emilia, had overheard the conversation.
"Emi, you mustn't tell anyone about this!" Elsie begged.
"I swear, loovey" came the reply. Elsie waited silently for her mother’s return before crying her heart out into the Baroness’ open arms.

In the morning, Elsie picked out her best dress.
“Hopefully, Father will take me seriously if I am presentable” she thought.
“Emilia, you may enjoy the rest of your day freely” Elsie murmured. She pivoted to see Emilia exit with a barely audible “Thaanks, Mees”. Elsie drew a deep breath to gather her courage before entering the Tapestry Room, where her Father sat.
“Elsie! What brings you here?” Baron James boomed upon her arrival.
“Father,” replied Elsie “I am here to inform you I refuse to say the marriage vows. I ask you call off the marriage before such measures, as you can clearly see I am uncooperative with the idea.” As she paused, Elsie triumphed in her father’s face: a show of utter bewilderment. “You didn’t bother to tell me until a week before the marriage is due to take place, leading me to think you knew I would object; in which case, you are completely disregarding the opinion of your daughter, telling me you aren’t a thoughtful Father after all!” One glance at Baron James’ colouring face told her she’d gone too far.
“TO YOUR ROOM!!” he thundered, and Elsie fled, unwilling to confront his temper.

“Elsie? May I come in?” Elsie opened the door for her Father and stepped back to allow him into her bedroom.
“I am sorry for shouting at you before, Elsie. I felt you were outstepping your bounds though.” The Baron paused, waiting for Elsie to take her cue.
“I am sorry Father, I did behave poorly.”
Satisfied, Baron James continued.
“Your Mother came to me and told me of your distressed state. The marriage is cancelled. What you said was true; I didn’t tell you because I was afraid of your resistance and I didn’t trust in your ability to decide for yourself. I am truly sorry.”
And all was well, once again, in the Broen household.

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