Jake looked at the city. A large black halo of clouds surrounding it with purple flashing lightning coming from it. Jake looked at it. He had to do something. He needed help but who from? He was only eight but loved exploring. Who could he trust. Then it hit him.

The president named Mr Clark stared at him surprised, “are you really going to do this” he said. “It is now or never” replied Jake, “the fate of our country lays in our hands”. “No you can’t …….” But it was to late jake had already run off. He had gone to save the city.

The dark crystal was in the middle of the dark city under it’s power. Jake had to stop it before the city was gone. He didn’t have very much time his feet were starting to disappear. The crystal was in view. He had almost disappeared only his arm left he had to move it from that place. Only fifty metres to go , twenty-five, fifteen, ten, one hand left, five, one finger and swipe the last finger had knocked the crystal off its spot and the city reappeared so did Mr Clark but not jake.

Then appearing with extreme light was jake. Hugs went around as they celebrated the victory. The city was back to peace again. Jake looked at the city. A halo of white clouds were around it. Jake smileds.